The Metaverse – A Whole New World For Retail Businesses

The Metaverse - A Whole New World For Retail Businesses

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

The rise of the metaverse means a whole new channel is opening for retail businesses, both ecommere and real-world, to interact with their customers. Are you ready?

The days of direct to consumer selling are coming to an end as we are enter the direct to avatar world. Retail businesses that secure their place in the metaverse will be able to allow their customers to experience the product virtually before they buy. Once they pay for the product, it’s then delivered right to their door.

Try Virtually Before You Buy

IKEA, the ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories giant, is already experimenting with this via their IKEA’s Place app, allowing users to try out their furniture virtually before buying. This is great for customers and also gives IKEA extremely valuable real-time unique data about customers’ interests that could not be gotten any other way.

The Catwalk Goes Virtual

The fashion industry, known for their forward-thinking approach to staying on the cutting edge, is also rapidly adopting the metaverse as a new channel. There are already digital fashion houses selling their creations in the metaverse. Soon we will see these two worlds merge, as digital clothing items will be sold for your avatar to wear and will then give you a perk or a discount on that same object in the retail store or vice versa.

Ecommerce Becomes Immersive

Ecommerce brands will find that embracing the metaverse will allow them to transform what was formerly a 2-D experience, into a 3-D interactive social experience for their customers. Ecommerce becomes immersive commerce. The opportunities that are emerging are fascinating and will be good for ecommerce businesses, retail physical businesses and customers alike!

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By Ellen Britt

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