NFTs And Events – Two Main Benefits

NFTs And Events - Two Main Benefits

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

So. Gary V recently successfully pulled off a huge event and incorporated NFTs. How might this technology apply to a conference or other event you are planning for your business?

NFTs can, of course, be used in conjunction with events to generate a revenue stream. But they also have another use, and that is to build connection. Have you ever bought a piece of memorabilia related to an event, such as a concert t-shirt? It’s very likely. Well, these pieces of memorabilia could be tied to an NFT so you, as the owner, are verified on the blockchain.


An NFT tied to your ticket will prove its authenticity. So it can’t be sold and more importantly, it can’t be faked and sold on another site. Plus, now that the merch item or the ticket is authenticated, it’s more likely to have value and can be traded or sold in the future. 

Plain Vanilla Ticket Option

But what about people who might be interested in your event but don’t care about an NFT? 

The cofounder and CEO of Event Farm, based in Washington, DC, when interviewed by, says no problem. If the event is high-end, then make the NFT ticketing option into a VIP type of ticket. The regular ticket holder gets a plain vanilla barcode ticket which simply gets them into the event, but the NFT ticket holders might get other perks, such as an extra experience or merch.

The Whole Point

The whole point of this, besides the potential for increased revenue, is more engagement with your audience. And that’s a good thing for everyone!

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By Ellen Britt

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