Reserve A Hotel Or Resort Room By Buying An NFT

Reserve A Hotel Or Resort Room By Buying An NFT

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Here at City News and Talk we have been pointing out for a while that NFTs are beginning to move more and more toward utility. Hotel and resort reservations are just one example of that trend.

Make no mistake, NFT art is not going anywhere. But uses that demonstrate the utility behind NFT technology are getting more and more press. According to the Wall Street Journal, hotel guests can reserve a room at a discount by purchasing an NFT through a third party service such as Pinktada, which recently introduced a booking system that includes hotels in the Caribbean, Mexico, San Francisco as well as Hawaii.

Hotel Headaches

One huge headache for the hotel business is that when someone cancels their reservation at the last minute, the hotel loses that money. When the guest has reserved their room by purchasing an NFT, the hotel owner gets paid for the room, even if the guest cancels, as the guest then sells the reservations in the digital marketplace.

Travel Metrics Are OnThe Move

 This new system couldn’t come at a better time, as travel metrics are picking back up!

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By Ellen Britt

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