Largest Virtual Real Estate Purchase To Be Finalized

Largest Virtual Real Estate Purchase To Be Finalized

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

If you thought interest in virtual real estate was beginning to decline, think again because Curzio Research is making one of the largest real estate purchases ever made for virtual property.

Curzio Research, Inc. is a financial publishing company that specializes in investment research and analysis. The company, according to a report by Brave New Coin, is going to build its headquarters in TCG World, a metaverse platform. 

Staking Their Claim

It makes sense that they have staked a claim to land in the Asia region of the platform, and the company plans to use its headquarters as a venue where its VIP members can attend seminars, meet and network with other investors and actually build an investment community. And it’s not just one property they are purchasing, but 19 commercial real estate properties for an eye-popping $5,000,000.

Largest Open World Metaverse Project

TCG World is currently the largest open world metaverse project now in development in which everything in their metaverse, from land, to homes, to cars and even pets, is an NFT.

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By Ellen Britt

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