Ecommerce Set To Become Immersive Commerce

Ecommerce Set To Become Immersive Commerce

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

While most in person retail stores floundered during the pandemic, established ecommerce stores got a boost in revenue. These robust sales are forecast to continue to rise, as consumers’ global buying patterns seem to be forever altered. 

But ecommerce merchants can’t afford to rest on their past successes. With the rise of the metaverse comes new challenges as well as new opportunities. 

Catch The Wave

Immersive commerce is the wave of the future, with ecommerce retailers featuring both physical as well as digital goods, known as phygital products.A recent poll from Harris, an American market research firm that has been tracking consumer behavior for decades, revealed that a full 60 percent of shoppers want to see products they are considering in both 3D as well as AR (augmented reality.)

3D + AR = Increased Revenue

Digital Commerce 360, a retail and B2B ecommerce research company, states that ecommerce retailers who make use of both 3D and AR technology in their websites enjoy more than a 50 percent gain in conversions and a 25 percent increase in average order size!

Shopping Is More Fun With Friends!

And not only that, but it’s well known that people spend more money when out shopping with friends. Why not bring that same social shopping experience into ecommerce via the metaverse, where customers can not only interact with their friends but with brand representatives as well? A win-win for both the ecommerce retailer and customer alike!

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By Ellen Britt

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