How Small Businesses Can “Try Out” The Metaverse

How Small Businesses Can “Try Out” The Metaverse

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Retail businesses are advised to get in on the metaverse wave. But we are so early in the game and much of the technology is yet to be deployed or even developed. So what are small businesses to do to get their feet wet? Let’s take a look.

It’s all well and good for business advisors to suggest that companies devote a big chunk of money to metaverse R&D without expecting a payoff anytime soon. But for small businesses, or even solo owned companies, this is just not possible. 

Small Scale

One way to “get your feet wet” in the metaverse is to start experimenting on a small scale. First of all, you can get some experience by jumping into some of the metaverse platforms that allow you to get a free account. These platforms include Second Life, Fortnite and Roblox, which you can visit for free.

Shopify Tools

Some ecommerce platforms such as Shopify have begun to offer tools to its small business clients to help them offer a virtual experience, as in their 3D models on product pages. Shopify will even help you create these models for your business.

Play With AR Filters

The metaverse has also begun to infiltrate social media. You can experiment with various AR (augmented reality) filters on Instagram, as well as Tik Tok to see how your customers and clients react. Don’t know how to make a filter? Consider hiring a freelancer (such as those found on Fiverr) to do it for you.

The Water Is Warm

So don’t be afraid to jump into the metaverse waters, even at a small scale, as this has the potential to have a big payoff down the road! And that road is going to be shorter than you may think.


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