Virtual Real Estate – Your Ultimate Social Media Profile

Virtual Real Estate - Your Ultimate Social Media Profile

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

It’s likely that you, along with billions (yes, billions!) of other people globally, have a social media profile on one of the major platforms. Ownership of virtual real estate is about to add to that number!

When you think of purchasing a piece of virtual real estate, it’s not likely that you are thinking of it in social media terms. But because your land exists in the metaverse, it’s as much a reflection of your choices about what to do with your property as is your Instagram or Facebook profile.

More Choices

When you think about it, you have only a few choices when it comes to your established social media profiles. You can post photos, videos or written content about yourself but that’s about it. But when you own a piece of virtual real estate, the possible ways of expressing who you are become much more numerous  

Five Ways

Here are five ways you can use your creativity to express yourself in the metaverse through your virtual property:

One – Create a showcase dream house

If you have the design chops, you can do this yourself. Or, you can hire a talented digital designer to work with you to bring your metaverse vision to life.

Two – Build a gallery to display your NFTs 

You can use your virtual home to display your NFTs or build your own gallery to display them in style.

Three – Build a commercial e-commerce store

Construct an ecommerce store on your land to display and sell NFTs. This could easily become another source of revenue.

Four – Set up an attractive billboard

Set the billboard up on your property to advertise your own or others’ products or services.

Five – Design and create and event or conference venue 

This is the ultimate in “social” as it brings others in the metaverse to your property for entertainment or education.

Your piece of virtual real estate, just like any social media profile, is a reflection of who you are. Make it count!

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By Ellen Britt

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