The First Metaverse Mansion Is About To Be Built

The First Metaverse Mansion Is About To Be Built

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

In the first offering of its kind, a luxury mansion in the UK is up for sale in two places. The real-world and the metaverse!

The developer, Stately Homes, is planning to build the 11bedroom, $40 million home, dubbed Hampton Hall, on land located in a gated estate in Surrey. 

Two Different Owners?

At the same time, the home’s digital twin will also be created and it’s possible there could be two different owners. Whoever purchases the real-world home will get first dibs on the NFT.

What?! Bulletproof windows?

The home, both real-world and virtual, will feature such amenities as a private bowling alley, gym, home theatre, swimming pool, and…wait for it…bulletproof windows!

You Are In The Know

We already brought you news of the first real-world home in Florida that was sold as an NFT and also told you about Mars House, created by artist Krista Kim and that exists only in the metaverse.

Growing Market

The market is growing by the day, and some real-world properties are already being offered by real estate agents with the option to purchase the property’s digital twin for around 2 percent of the sale price of its real-world counterpart.

Hold on to your hats, as the fun is just beginning!

NOTE – The house pictured here to illustrate this article is not the Hampton House, but is a representative photo of a similar mansion.

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By Ellen Britt

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