Are Webinars About To Go The Way Of The Dinosaur? The Metaverse Asteroid Is Coming!

Are Webinars About To Go The Way Of The Dinosaur? The Metaverse Asteroid Is Coming!

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Zoom fatigue anyone? Got the video conferencing blues?

You are not alone. In a recent research article published in the journal Technology, Mind and Behavior, Dr. Jeremy Bailenson of the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab, found four reasons you are likely to be suffering from Zoom fatigue:

The Four Horsemen

One – All that close-up eye contact is super intense.

Two – Constantly seeing yourself in real-time on the screen is exhausting.

Three – You are stuck in front of your computer so your mobility is greatly limited.

Four – Your cognitive load (how much brainpower you have to use) is off the charts.

The Metaverse to the rescue!

Soon you’ll be able to attend videoconferences via a 3D virtual platform. The 3D presentations and the avatar-driven interactions will keep your interest and engagement high. 

To The Fossil House

Plus, this is a great brand differentiator! Plain old webinars will soon be relegated to the fossil collection.

Your Avatar

Your avatar, that digital representation of yourself that you have customized, will be able to wander freely around the presentation space and can become involved in interactions with individuals or groups, much like in a real-world conference setting. When you are interacting as your avatar (your digital twin), your camera does not have to be on for you to be seen.

So stay tuned. We will keep you updated as this progresses. See you in the conference room and watch out for that asteroid!

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By Ellen Britt

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