Furniture, Art, And Digital Homes – Design Comes To The Metaverse

Furniture, Art, And Digital Homes - Design Comes To The Metaverse

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Virtual plots of land are not the only thing that’s a hot seller in the metaverse these days. There is a brisk exchange of money involving digital houses, furniture, and art, all existing only in the digital realm.

Some people just don’t get the appeal as, after all, you can’t actually occupy a digital house or sit on that virtual sofa.

Don’t Miss Out!

But things are developing very fast in this space, and those who are standing around scratching their heads are apt to miss out on one of the biggest real estate opportunities of a lifetime. This has gone far beyond the “it’s just a fad” stage.

Digital Dream House Fetches $512,000  

Take, for instance, Krista Kim, a Toronto artist who, last spring, created her digital dream house on her iPad. Previously she had been playing around designing Zen gardens and these serene, sparse spaces with clean lines carried over into the design of her house, which she dubbed Mars House.

She had no idea what it would sell for but she listed it on an NFT marketplace called SuperRare. To her surprise, the house fetched 288 Eth or $512,000. Not bad for a design on an iPad!

Here Comes The Bride – A Virtual Wedding

The new owner of Mars House has graciously agreed to allow the artist to open the home for virtual tours and to host private events using the virtual reality platform Spatial. In fact, in June, Mars House will host the first wedding performed in the metaverse!

A Chair Named Hortensia

Furniture design is booming too. A designer based in Spain developed a digital chair called the Hortensia chair, covered with geometric flowers. He meant for the chair to only exist digitally but people loved it so much they clamored for the real thing. So the Hortensia chair went into a limited-run production, which promptly sold out in Milan.

Here To Stay

Whether it’s furniture, art, a digital house, or a plot of land, the metaverse is here to stay!

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By Ellen Britt

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