Starbucks To Launch Its Own NFTs

Starbucks To Launch Its Own NFTs

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Next time you put in your Starbucks latte order, ask for three pumps of an NFT! All kidding aside, the coffee giant plans to launch its NFT collection sometime later in the year.

The digital collectibles will open access for owners to exclusive content, experiences and other perks (pun intended!)

The Third Place

Starbucks has long touted itself as a “third place” meaning a space that exists between your home and your workplace where you can go to experience a sense of belonging as well as get coffee of course. The company now wants to extend this third space concept to the digital realm. 

Community First

Starbucks has not yet released details on what this digital third space would look like exactly, but from all accounts there will be a heavy emphasis on community.


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