Are You Bored Yet? This NFT Coffee Brand Is Betting You Soon Will Be!

Are You Bored Yet? This NFT Coffee Brand Is Betting You Soon Will Be!

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

A new coffee subscription service called Bored Breakfast Club is vying for your attention by tying NFTs to their packaging.

The Brand (not to be confused with those infamous Bored Apes) is marrying virtual assets that reside on the blockchain with their physical packaging. 

The Deets

Bored Breakfast Club ships a whole-bean coffee blend, with packaging designed just for that particular blend, directly to its customers. While some blends are available to folks who want to pay and not use crypto, the club rewards those who do.

Each time a blend is released, customers who own one of the company’s 5000 NFTs qualify for a free rewards shipment. Plus, buyers get access to a host of community events on the company’s Discord.

Sailing The Open Sea

Here’s the description of Bored Breakfast Club on OpenSea, the minting platform the company uses to product the NFTs:

The Bored Breakfast Club consists of 5,000 unique breakfast scenes, living as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. They also grant you access to an exclusive coffee club that ships insanely-delicious coffee from third-wave roasters Yes Plz, for FREE worldwide. Each NFT is sized to fit perfectly as a banner in your social network of choice.

Anything But Boring!

You’re likely going to see more of this type of marketing: the marrying of physical packaging with NFTs. There is no end to the creative ways this concept could be used. And that’s anything but boring!




By Ellen Britt

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