Your Digital Twin – Your Representation In The Metaverse

Your Digital Twin - Your Representation In The Metaverse

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Do you remember the 2009 hit movie Avatar? One of the reasons it was so popular was that the moviemakers created an immersive world. There were no virtual reality headsets, just the cinematographers’ and graphics crew’s skill at using new technology to bring an alien world alive.

Your Avatar Is Your Digital Twin

The movie foreshadowed what is happening with technology today with the creation of the metaverse. Today, your avatar is defined as a figure that represents you, in video games, in internet forums, and now also in metaverse platforms, your avatar is your digital twin.


Your avatar is a representation of you in the virtual world, but at a particular moment in time. Tomorrow, you could decide your old avatar does not suit you anymore, and so you can change it, customizing it to reflect how you are feeling in the present moment.

Anonymous Or Not?

There are anonymous avatars, such as the ones you can use in games and social virtual worlds, then there are avatars that are not anonymous, such as ones associated with work or school. 

An anonymous avatar allows you the freedom to experiment with an identity or an appearance that you might want to experiment with and still keep your real-world identity to yourself. Some people what to create a lifelike reproduction of themselves with their avatar, and others want to tweak their avatar to be perhaps a bit fitter, younger, taller, and the like.

Danger Will Robinson!

Other people want to delve into a fantasy-type avatar such as a robot or an android. The possibilities are endless.

Get Ready!

The metaverse is upon us, and soon, you will find yourself needing to create your avatar. Now is the time to start thinking about how you want to be represented in the metaverse, as your avatar is essentially your personal brand. Creating an avatar that is reflective of who you truly can be very empowering. So get ready to meet your digital twin!

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By Ellen Britt

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