The Lure Of The Metaverse For Retail Space Property Owners

The Lure Of The Metaverse For Retail Space Property Owners

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Due to the worldwide fallout from the pandemic, many retail stores were forced to close. Now that things are reopening, commercial landlords are looking for ways to lure retail space tenants back to their physical properties. The metaverse may just be the answer!

Retail store owners, in addition to coping with the hardships that many retail spaces suffered during the pandemic, have to face the continued rise of ecommerce which continues to draw shoppers away from their physical stores. No wonder retail space landlords are having a hard time filling their properties!

Picture This

What if retail space landlords as well as mall owners built out digital twins of their physical assets in the metaverse? They then rent both properties together, the virtual as well as the physical space. Now their retail tenants can play between their virtual and real world properties.

The Lure Of The Metaverse Marketing

“Hey customer, purchase our limited-edition item (clothing, golf clubs, you name it!) in our metaverse store and we will give you access to an exclusive event at our physical store!” 

A Win-Win-Win

This is a completely new conversation with the customer that is intriguing and is bound to draw people into the real-word property. The result? The landlord, the tenant and their customers are all happy. A win-win-win for everyone!

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By Ellen Britt

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