The Best NFT Games So Far This Year – The Sandbox

The Best NFT Games So Far This Year - The Sandbox

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Yesterday, in our series on the best NFT games so far this year, it was all about Gods Unchained. Today, let’s play in the Sandbox, as this is one of the NFT games that has seen the most success. 

Best of all, you own it!

Minecraft or Roblox players will gravitate here, as not only can you play but you can also build assets and games. Best of all, you own what you have created and can both sell and trade using the SAND token in the Sandbox internal marketplace.


Switch to Game mode, and you are in charge of developing a world that belongs solely to you, as it lets you add games and experiences. Explore other players’ worlds, export content into your world, and play games. These activities are dependent on the LAND token and also let players vote on new tools, new features, and the direction of The Sandbox itself. 

The Walking Dead

While the look of The Sandbox somewhat resembles Minecraft, there is a lot more you can do with it, plus you own it! Big brands like The Walking Dead are already lining up to partner with The Sandbox. A winner for sure!

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By Ellen Britt

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