The Best NFT Games So Far This Year

The Best NFT Games So Far This Year

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Gaming has been one of the most highly anticipated use cases for NFTs since the technology came on the scene. In our new series beginning today, we are going to take a look at ten of the best NFT games available today.

Play-To-Earn vs. Play-To-Play

Because these games are so varied, it’s difficult to know which one to try first. Some of these are “play to earn” and others are just plain play. 

Just be aware that NFT games are very different from mainstream gaming, as with NFT games items can be purchased or earned and also can be traded or sold. This can happen within the game or with some items, across other game platforms for real money. 

NFTs can even be used to gain part ownership in a game.

Top Ten NFT Games

Here is the list of the best ten (plus a bonus!) and each day we will go more in-depth on each one,  bringing you the pros and cons of each game.

One – Axie Infinity

Two – Gods Unchained

Three – The Sandbox

Four – Splinterlands

Five – DeFi Kingdoms

Six – Sorare Fantasy Football

Seven – Bridgeworld (TreasureDAO)

Eight – Treeverse

Nine – Star Atlus

Ten – Wizards and Dragons Reborn

Bonus – Parallel 

Stay Tuned!

We’ll be back with a closer look at the first NFT game on our list, Axie Infinity.

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By Ellen Britt

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