The Best NFT Games So Far This Year – DeFi Kingdoms

The Best NFT Games So Far This Year - DeFi Kingdoms

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Pining for the nostalgic good old days of fantasy pixel art? Look no further than DeFi Kingdoms in our continuing series on the best NFT games this year.
Classic Design Meets NFTs

DeFi Kingdoms merges their classic game design with NFTs in a seamless, fun-to-play world. Just like the old-school RPG, you go questing, work of developing your hero and being careful of your in-game resources. 

The Family JEWELs

But unlike the old-school game experience, in DeFi Kingdoms you accumulate JEWEL tokens. These can then be converted to the Harmony One cryptocurrency, the blockchain on which DeFi Kingdoms depends. 


This is a great game to introduce players to the concepts of cryptocurrency and NFTs through storytelling. But as of right now, it’s only pay-to-play. Hopefully, there will be a free version soon.

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By Ellen Britt

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