NFT Glossary Deep Dive: Fractional NFT

NFT Glossary Deep Dive: Fractional NFT

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

As you might guess, a fractional NFT means that NFT is owned by a group of people, instead of an individual. 


So what is the purpose behind this? Why would you want to own a fraction of an NFT?

Fractionalization Democratizes NFT Ownership


One of the reasons fractionalization, as it is called, is so attractive to some buyers, is that they can own a piece of a very valuable NFT for a low price. 


Also, because so many people are participating in these transactions, fractionalization increases the liquidity of these high-value NFTs.


That’s A Glossary Wrap


This closes out our NFT Glossary series. Now that you have the glossary of the most commonly used NFTs at your fingertips, you can review the various terms anytime you like. Navigating the NFT market should be much easier for you now!

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