Meet Me In The Metaverse – Accenture Predicts A Whole New World For Retail Businesses

Meet Me In The Metaverse - Accenture Predicts A Whole New World For Retail Businesses

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

A new report from Accenture on the metaverse is predicting that with the rise of the metaverse, retail businesses will have to make some quick pivots to stay relevant with their customer base.

Accenture’s new report, titled Meet Me in the Metaverse: The Continuum of Technology and Experience Reshaping Business, underscores how retailers are going to have to make a shift…and fast!

Companies That Take Fast Action Will Win

Retail businesses need to begin to plan for a virtual space that overlaps with their physical location, or risk being left behind. The authors of the report believe that customers will want to jump between the physical world and the metaverse at any moment and will gravitate to those companies and brands that give them the ability to do so. 

Four Trends

The report identifies four trends that companies need to take into consideration:

One – WebMe: Putting the Me in Metaverse  

The Metaverse and Web3 are now positioned to entirely reshape the internet. But customers will demand trust, safety and choice.

Two – Programmable World – Our Planet Personalized

New technologies are quickly emerging, including augmented reality, smart materials, 5G and more, virtual environments will become interwoven into the physical world. Customized products will not only be able to be produced on demand, new kinds of smart materials will make it possible to customize products after they are produced!

Three – The Unreal: Making Synthetic, Authentic

As people become increasingly more comfortable interacting with the “unreal” via chatbots, synthetic data and images, they may or may not care if it’s real. If it’s a video of the President, they want to know it’s real but if it’s a synthetic nurse or doctor diagnosing a skin rash, as long as there is competency and the problem gets solved, it may not matter. Still, these technologies are not going to remain without controversy. 

Four – Computing the Impossible: New Machines, New Possibilities

A new class of computing power is emerging, going even beyond quantum. For example, biology-inspired computing “…draws on natural biological processes to store data, solve problems or model complex systems in fundamentally different ways.” 

A Question For Your Company

It’s a whole new world. How will your company respond?

In Other News

By Ellen Britt

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