New Frill Ride Hydrangea Has the Prettiest Pink Ruffled Flowers in Spring

New Frill Ride Hydrangea Has the Prettiest Pink Ruffled Flowers in Spring

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This gorgeous, easy-care hydrangea variety even reblooms throughout the summer.

If plants had personalities, Frill Ride hydrangea would be the bubbly extrovert at a summer garden party, exuberantly greeting friends and neighbors with a cheerful burst of color. This brand new hydrangea variety from Bloomin’ Easy grabs attention with its unique ruffled flowers in vivid shades of pink that can border on crimson. The big flower heads can be so numerous, you almost can’t see the plant itself. This hydrangea’s compact, rounded shape is perfect for planting it in a large container on a patio or near an entryway. Frill Ride grows equally well in garden beds where it will become a stunning focal point, thanks to its thrilling, frilly blooms.

How to Grow Frill Ride Hydrangea

Frill Ride belongs to the popular bigleaf hydrangea group, which is hardy in Zones 5-9. Plant this stunning hydrangea variety where it will receive 3 to 4 hours of morning sunlight and then be in shade or dappled light for the rest of the day. Direct afternoon sunlight can scorch plant leaves. The north or east side of a structure is best.

Moist, well-drained soil is also a must. The best soil for bigleaf hydrangeas like Frill Ride is loose and crumbly but not sandy. If growing Frill Ride in a patio container, choose a high quality all-purpose potting mix.  

Expect Frill Ride to reach about 2-3 feet tall and wide. It begins flowering in late spring, reblooming sporadically through summer. All this flower production requires regular water. Aim to water plants deeply at least once a week; hydrangeas growing in containers often require daily watering. Wilted foliage usually means the soil has gotten too dry and plants need water asap. Add a 2- to 3-inch layer of shredded wood mulch around plants to help hold in soil moisture.

You can also encourage more flowers by providing Frill Ride with plenty of nutrients. Use an all-purpose fertilizer (follow package directions for the correct amount) or a 2-inch layer of compost in spring. Top off compost or add another dose of fertilizer in midsummer.  

When to Prune Frill Ride

Trimming off faded flowers will spur Frill Ride to produce even more flowers. Use pruning shears to cut stems a few inches below the bloom. Expect new buds to develop within a couple of weeks. If you need to make more structural cuts, follow this simple rule for pruning Frill Ride: don’t prune after August 1. Like other bigleaf hydrangeas, Frill Ride forms flower buds for the following year in late summer and fall. Pruning during this period will remove next year’s flowers. Prune plants as needed after they bloom in late spring.  

What to Plant with Hydrangeas

Pair easy-to-grow Frill Ride with other easy-care blooming shrubs to create a colorful, low-maintenance landscape. Great planting partners include weigela, new and improved varieties of potentilla such as ‘Bella Bellissima,’ lilac such as ‘Miss Kim,’ and ninebark. Plant in groups of three to five shrubs with color-rich Frill Ride front and center in the shrub planting.

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