Lego Partners With Epic Games To Build A Kids’ Metaverse

Lego Partners With Epic Games To Build A Kids’ Metaverse

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

The company behind the smash game Fortnite is teaming up with toy giant Lego to create a metaverse for kids. But for now, the details are rather vague.

The announcement on the Epic Games website states that their plans for a children’s metaverse will be  “…an immersive, creatively inspiring and engaging digital experience for kids of all ages to enjoy together.” 

Lego Takes A Sharp Turn

Although the announcement isn’t really much of a surprise coming from Epic Games, this turn toward the metaverse by Lego is rather sudden.

Epic Games is also stressing a safe environment, a concern that nearly all parents will have as they try to guide their children toward experiences that will benefit them, while at the same time protecting them from predators.

User Generated Content

Most analysts believe that the Epic/Lego collaboration will concentrate on user-generated content but admit that for now the companies are unclear about if, and how, players will be compensated for their work.

And right now, there is no timeline for when this new metaverse will be launched although Epic says that more info is coming. 

Safety And Learning First, Profits Second

The children’s market is huge, and hopefully Epic as well as Lego, will keep children’s safety and learning at the forefront, and profits secondary.

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By Ellen Britt

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