Lamborghini Puts The Pedal To The Metal With Release Of Its First NFT

Lamborghini Puts The Pedal To The Metal With Release Of Its First NFT

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT



The iconic Italian super-luxury car maker Lamborghini is releasing its first NFT soon! Unlike the cartoonish images that many NFTs portray, this is a sophisticated piece of art with an astronomical theme.


The company plans to auction off a series of NFTs produced in collaboration with Swiss artist Fabian Oefner, which depicts a Lamborghini launched into space as it breaks down into its parts heading into orbit. The timing of the auction is in keeping with the rocket theme as well, with the first one beginning at 4:00 CET and each of the four other auctions starting and ending 15 minutes later than the one that preceded it. 


Houston, Do You Read Us?


This means each auction will last for 75 hours and 50 minutes which just happens to be the time it took for Apollo 11 to jump from its launch pad and enter the moon’s orbit.


The actual production of the image was intense, with the artist studying engineering plans of Lamborghini’s Aventador Ultimae. He then produced a sketch of what the final photo was envisioned to look like. Then the car company prepared all the parts for a production-ready Ultimae and the pieces were photographed.


Finally, back at his studio in New York, the artist worked to combine all the images into the composition, which took him and his team more than two months to complete.


The Keys To The Kingdom


In addition to the NFT image, Lamborghini will also be auctioning off a special set of carbon fiber keys that traveled to the International Space Station in 2020, as part of a research project. 


Lamborghini’s cars are status symbols, especially to the nouveau riche and others whose wealth was acquired via cryptocurrency trading, so the NFT offering should be a match for the company’s customers and fans. Gentlemen and gentlewomen, start your engines!

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