Oreo Created Its Own Line of Frozen Treats with Creme-Flavored Ice Cream

Oreo Created Its Own Line of Frozen Treats with Creme-Flavored Ice Cream

By Mike Pomranz | FoodAndWine.Com

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After years of co-branded ice cream products, Oreo says they’re finally doing frozen treats their way.

Even in an era where every product seems to need plenty of spinoffs, few brands have extended their range like Oreo has. Beyond a million different flavors (give or take one or two), we’ve seen Oreo collabs with the likes of Pokemon and the NBA, gluten-free Oreos, an Oreo cafe, a branded Oreo wine… You get the picture.

So is there anything Oreo hasn’t done yet? Well, yes… kind of.

Stick with me here: Yes, Oreo has done ice cream products before. Look no further than the Klondike Oreo Sandwich. But apparently, Oreo has never done its own official line of Oreo ice cream treats. Thus, Oreo Frozen Treats are launching with four different styles of products: Oreo Bars, Oreo Cones, Oreo Sandwiches, and straight Oreo ice cream.

An Oreo spokesperson explained to me that, whereas previous Oreo ice cream products have been “co-branded” meaning Oreo has shared the glory with a separate ice cream company, this time, the cookie brand has kept everything under its own label. And this time around, instead of plain vanilla ice cream, these new products feature ice cream flavored to taste like Oreo’s signature cream stuffing, as well as bits of Oreo pieces, helping to make them “an authentic extension of the Oreo brand.”

“We continually seek ways to playfully reinvent our classic cookie and are excited to bring this new Oreo innovation to the freezer aisle,” explained Justin Parnell, vice president for Oreo US. “Created for our most loyal fans, we have perfected the Oreo Frozen Treats recipes to deliver the signature Oreo flavor in every bite.”

Specifically, Oreo says the bars are “dipped in a delicious coating made from crushed Oreo wafer pieces”; the cones “feature crispy, chocolatey cones” along with the aforementioned coating; the sandwiches are made with “two big Oreo cookie wafers”; and the ice cream comes in both 14-ounce and 48-ounce sizes.

Oreo Frozen Treats have already been distributed to “select local freezer aisles” and will expand out to stores nationwide by this March.

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