Digital Twins And Real Estate Investors – Are They A Match?

Digital Twins And Real Estate Investors - Are They A Match?

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

What exactly is a digital twin? It’s simply a digital version of an already constructed building that exists in the metaverse. What’s the value of that? Let’s get a closer look.

There are several reasons why a home buyer might want a digital twin of a property. One of these is simply to have bragging rights! Yes, people love to show off all kinds of things, from their NFT social media profiles proving they own a Bored Ape to the latest Gucci bag. A digital twin of a luxury home a buyer just purchased gives them bragging rights on steroids!

Immersive Tours

Another reason real estate investors should consider digital twins for their properties, is that instead of, or in addition to photographs or a video tour, prospective buyers will now be able to  have an immersive experience when they “visit” a home or a condo via their computer monitor. 

Plus, the home does not even have to be constructed yet for the digital twin to be built. The digital version can be built based on the home’s plans, for prospective buyers to tour.

Commercial Real Estate

The digital twin concept will also have appeal to commercial real estate investors as well. Digital twin technology offers the very real promise of helping to reduce cost plus emissions, as well as helping to improve operational efficiency.

Double your pleasure, double your fun (and your return on investment) with digital twins!

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By Ellen Britt

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