Bye Honey, I’m Off To Work In The Metaverse!

Bye Honey, I’m Off To Work In The Metaverse!

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

The day is soon coming when many people will “go” to work in the metaverse without having to leave their homes. And yes, this does NOT mean sitting in front of your computer in a Zoom meeting.

Just “where” is this metaverse located exactly, you may ask. That’s a fair question. One answer is the metaverse is a loosely connected network of 3-D virtual worlds. In these worlds, using their virtual avatars (your digital twin) you can interact with others, conduct business, attend conferences and concerts and make social connections.

Headsets Not Necessary

You can “travel” to the metaverse through specially designed goggles (such as Meta’s Oculus headset) or more commonly, simply through your computer’s browser, without the need to don goggles. 

Transformed By The Pandemic

The global pandemic, by creating the necessity and wide acceptance of remote work, has accelerated the desire for a more immersive remote work experience via virtual reality. Work is going to be transformed in several ways, including acquiring new skills though virtual technologies, many of which will be gamified; new forms of team collaboration using not only digital avatars but AI-enabled avatars; and we will soon see the rise of the metaverse economy, with new work opportunities and completely new business models. 

No More Cubicle Nation

Virtual offices in the metaverse definitely don’t have to adopt the old style cramped cubicle nation approach, but can be designed with beauty, adventure and more. People will even be able to design their own offices, personalized to their liking. The Great Resignation has never been more appealing!

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By Ellen Britt

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