Business Law Makes The Leap Into The Metaverse

Business Law Makes The Leap Into The Metaverse

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

As more and more retail brands jump into the metaverse, service businesses are beginning to make the leap as well. 

Internationally recognized business law firm Arent Fox saw the writing on the metaverse wall after they advised an accounting firm client on purchasing virtual property. They are opening an office soon in Decentraland, in the platform’s fashion and retail district, the first major law firm to do so.

Investment Banking First, Then Law

Recently JP Morgan became the first investment banking firm to claim their space in the metaverse, so it’s really no surprise that a major law firm would soon follow. 

Not Only Symbolic

According to, Arent Fox chairman Anthony Lupo doesn’t intend for their metaverse office to be simply symbolic but insists they want to actually operate in the space.

Pay Attention To This!

But here’s the quote from Mr. Lupo that you should really be paying attention to:

“We don’t know what the metaverse will be in five years, but we’re not waiting five years to find out. We’re going to help iterate that future.”

Stake Your Claim

Waiting to see where the metaverse is going to be in five years is not a good strategy. If you are in business, you should stake your claim now, and as Mr. Lupo says, help to create that future.

Not Going To Wait

Because the metaverse is not going to wait on you! We’ll keep you updated on everything that’s going on in the metaverse, including the soon-to-launch Mint City Places. Stay tuned!

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By Ellen Britt

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