YouTube Is Hinting They Will Embrace NFTs

YouTube Is Hinting They Will Embrace NFTs

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT



The CEO of YouTube just published a letter saying the company is thinking of NFTs as a way to add revenue for its content creators. 


Although they are not yet saying how NFTs would be integrated into the platform, we can take some clues from Twitter, which recently added the ability for its Twitter Blue users to add an NFT that they own as their profile pic, which will be hexagonal in shape, rather than round.


Twitter and Meta Leading The Way


Plus we are sure that YouTube is looking at what Facebook is doing as well, with its name change to Meta as well as allowing users to display tokens they own. An NFT marketplace is also rumored to be in the works for Meta as well. 


Hey, Charlie Bit Me!


Some YouTube creators have the jump on the company already by making some of their viral YouTube videos into NFTs. An NFT called The Charlie Bit Me NFT which shows a baby biting his brother’s finger, made a whopping $761,000 at auction last year. Another NFT, known as David After Dentist, is a video of a child coming out of anesthesia after a dental procedure and sold for over $11,000. 


So move over Twitter and Meta, YouTube’s about to give you some competition!


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