Who Will Win The NFT Games?

Who Will Win The NFT Games?

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT


There seem to be two distinctly different camps when it comes to NFTs in video games. One camp is ready to embrace them, but there is another camp that is less than fond of the idea.


People are already paying plenty of money for in-game items. According to research done just last year by Super Data, a whopping 90 billion dollars (yes, with a B!) was spent by gamers on what are known as microtransactions, mostly in the form of fancy weapon skins or new costumes. So the gaming industry already knows the market is there.


Ubisoft Leads The Way


Lots of gaming companies have already talked publicly about the integration of NFTs into their games, but the first one to actually do it is a company called Ubisoft. If Ubisoft isn’t exactly a household name, their games are, especially if you have a gaming enthusiast in your household. 


Ubisoft powers the hugely successful gaming franchises Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. Late last year, Ubisoft bought NFTs into their squad shooter game, Ghost Recon Breakpoint. 


However, sales of Ubisoft’s NFT have been lackluster and gamers are rebelling as many of them see the NFT addition as just a play for more money, rather than a real value add for the game.


Who’s On First?


So the real question is which game developer will figure out how to integrate NFTs into their games in a way that really adds value and connects with players? The first developer who is able to do this successfully gets first dibs in what is a multi-billion dollar industry.


Let the games begin! 

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