What The Metaverse Could Mean For Your Business

What The Metaverse Could Mean For Your Business

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

In the 1970’s businesses could never have imagined how a presence on the web would eventually be essential. Today, we are in a parallel situation, as most businesses can’t imagine how critical having a presence in the metaverse is going to be. 

This presence is going to become essential much, much faster than people think. The growth of the metaverse is explosive and is going to take exponentially less time for widespread adoption than it did for the internet to permeate every corner of our lives.

Staying Ahead Of The Game

If you are a business owner, getting your presence established now is going to make sure you remain competitive, not only for today, but in the years ahead. 

All of the big tech companies are racing ahead with this technology…Apple, Google, Microsoft and of course Facebook (now Meta) who is leading the charge to bring everyone into the metaverse.

Customer Service Disrupted

The metaverse is poised to totally change the way customer service is done now. Forget email, phone, chatbots and support tickets. Instead, think virtual customer service avatars in a digital space.

Retail, Restaurants, Financial Services And More

Retail brand as well as restaurants are already coming aboard, as well as financial services. Facebook has already launched a prototype version of a workspace app so teams can connect virtually.

Mint City Places

With the upcoming launch of the Mint City Places metaverse platform, even the smallest businesses will have an opportunity to stake their claim in this brave new world, so stay tuned!

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By Ellen Britt

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