Walmart Gets In The NFT Game

Walmart Gets In The NFT Game

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT


First, it was Coca-Cola, then Crocs. Don’t look now, but mega big-box retailer Walmart is about to jump into the NFT game!


A Hint At Walmart’s Plans


Walmart’s management has not announced its plans, but according to filings with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), the retail giant has big plans. 


Not only are they going to create their own cryptocurrency (Walcoin?!) as well as meet customers in the metaverse, Walmart is apparently also going to be releasing a series of NFTs. 



A Big Box Move


This move will allow Walmart to tokenize physical goods as well as create potential new lucrative revenue streams for the company. 


Actually, Walmart made a visionary move some five years ago when they created a concept video for what shopping in augmented reality might feel and look like…years before the concept of the metaverse came into flower. 


So, even if you might look down your nose at the “people of Walmart” don’t count out their potential clout in the NFT space! 


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By Ellen Britt

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