The Soldier’s Metaverse – U.S. Military Coming Online

The Soldier's Metaverse - U.S. Military Coming Online

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

According to a new report out from Wired magazine, the U.S. military is building it’s own metaverse. But this version is unlikely to look like any of the metaverse platforms we have seen so far.

Picture this: In the skies above the California desert, pilots flying two Berkut 540 jets slipped on custom AR headsets. Next they connected to a sophisticated system that overlaid a semi-transparent image of a refueling plane that flew alongside their aircraft. One of the pilots practiced a refueling maneuver with the virtual aircraft as the other pilot observed. The metaverse of the military has arrived.

No Bling Allowed

All of the technology needed in the metaverse from AR and VR, headmounted displays and more are already part of the military world, but without all the bling and hype that other world’s use to entice consumers. 

A Superior Platform

This makes the military metaverse far, far superior to any commercial flight simulator that exists, as pilots can hone their skills by flying against any enemy aircraft in existence.

Although in its infancy, training in soldiers in the metaverse appears to be the way of the future!

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By Ellen Britt

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