The Metaverse As A Whole New Economy

The Metaverse As A Whole New Economy

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

According to a new article in Forbes, the metaverse is not just a gaming space, unlike what some people think. You should think of it as a whole new economy.

Plus, this new economy is not only reserved for tech companies. As we have already reported in a previous article, major food chains as well as retailers are envisioning a space for shopping, attending concerts, working, playing games and meeting friends. In other words, it’s your virtual life!

The Wild, Wild West

It’s the wild, wild West out there as well, as there is no crystal clear vision and plan for what profitability will look like. But according to the Forbes piece, any company that wants to succeed in the metaverse will have to put the customer first. 

Moving Toward Utility As Well As Art

Plus, Forbes agrees with our opinion that NFTs, while they will remain as a vehicle for art, will increasingly grow toward utility uses as well.

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By Ellen Britt

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