The First NFT Museum

The First NFT Museum

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Although NFTs are swarming all over the art world, there are no museums or other physical institutions devoted exclusively to this art form. Until now, that is!

The opening of the Seattle NFT Museum this month changed all that, opening space to champion NFT digital artists. The Museum was founded by two tech executives, Jennifer Wong and Peter Hamilton, a husband and wife duo, who admit they are novices when it comes to NFTs but they are ready to learn.

To Go Where No NFT Has Gone Before!

Their aim is to enable the exploration of how this new digital art, now free of the limits that physical materials impose, can push the boundaries of physical space.

Even though the NFT museum concept is futuristic, the actual museum will be patterned on established institutions with a focus on curations and seasonal exhibitions.

The artworks themselves will be displayed, not hanging from a wall as framed canvases, but on high-res Samsung screens, and will be accessible via QR codes.

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By Ellen Britt

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