Rob Liefeld Launching Comic ‘The Defiants’ as NFT

Rob Liefeld Launching Comic ‘The Defiants’ as NFT

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The ‘Deadpool’ writer and artist plans the book to be one of four titles in a new universe.

Thirty years ago, Rob Liefeld was among the comic book creators who left mainstream publishing to form Image Comics, an upstart company that grew to become the third biggest publisher in North America.

Once again, the comics industry is in flux, and a number of creators are dabbling in a new medium, non-fungible tokens. On Jan. 20, Liefeld will become the latest creator to dive into the world of NFTs with the launch of the new superhero comic The Defiants, which will be available via MakersPlace.

“Since I was first tasked with creating all-new worlds and legacies for Marvel Comics, I have desired to use publishing platforms to push the distribution of fresh concepts and characters,” said Liefeld, who is known for Deadpool, Cable and X-Force. “Now, three decades later, in conjunction with MakersPlace, I’m utilizing the platform of NFTs to launch a new world filled with exciting new faces and legacies.”

Liefeld, who is a comic art collector, has been watching the NFT space grow over the past 18 months as noteworthy creators such as Frank Miller and Matt Kindt, and publishers such as DC and Marvel, have entered the space. The medium rose to mainstream prominence in the comic space in early 2021, when DC artist Jose Delbo sold $1.85 million worth of NFT art featuring Wonder Woman, the hero he worked on in the 1970s.

Liefeld plans The Defiants to be the first of four titles he introduces via NFT. He actually began work on the project four years ago, before the explosion of NFTs and decided it was the right distribution model for the project.

Says Liefeld: “The Defiants is an offbeat concept featuring the wildest characters I’ve ever created, I’m thrilled to share their world in the realm of NFTs.”

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