NFTs In Games Must Take Gamers Into Account

NFTs In Games Must Take Gamers Into Account

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT


Although there has been a frenzy of positive adoption of all things NFT from industries as diverse as music, fashion, sports and even food companies, the adoption of NFTs into the video gaming industry has not been the initial smooth road some had predicted.


Most people thought gamers would be early adopters of NFTs, as they are computer and tech-savvy, and are already used to spending money within games to purchase such items as skins, tools, weapons of war, and other things to make their gaming experience more enjoyable.


Hey! Not So Fast!!


But as NFTs began to be talked about in relation to gamers, some of the more outspoken ones revolted on social media, as many of them apparently believed this was simply another way for the gaming companies to take their money. This reluctance on the part of gamers likely explains the reticence of mega gaming producer Electronic Arts to commit fully to NFTs on the company’s latest call to investors. 


Gamestop Makes Its NFT Move


But other companies are not being so quick to dismiss NFTs as evidenced by Gamestop and Immutable, a layer-2 scaling platform built on Ethereum, creating a $100 million joint fund that will be used to invest in gaming projects. Gaming companies who wish to integrate NFTs into their products will need to tread carefully, making sure the NFTs add to the gamers’ experience and not detract from it. Whoever gets this right is going to win big!!

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By Ellen Britt

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