NFTs Give New Life To Dead Artists’ Work

NFTs Give New Life To Dead Artists’ Work

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

As more and more estates and museums are starting to offer NFTs of artists that have passed away, art that was previously inaccessible to the mainstream is beginning to come back into focus.

In the rather rigid art world, it was basically forbidden to create a new work from a departed artist, if not by law then by convention. But the British Museum, located in London, which has a permanent collection of over 8 million works, the largest collection in existence, aims to change that.

A Team Effort

The Brits have teamed up with laCollection, a company based in Paris, that has a five year exclusive deal to produce NFTs from the museum’s collection. For each NFT sale generated, the museum gets a commission and also a percentage of fees earned on the secondary markets.

Family Feud

Last January, an NFT project based on the works of Picasso, caused a rift between Picasso’s descendants and his estate, so the project was tabled. But digital art by the late Andy Warhol was made into NFTs and last year was successfully auctioned by Christie’s.

The Promise

Obviously, this space is still developing, but the promise that NFT technology has to make even obscure works of art more accessible is alluring. 


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By Ellen Britt

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