‘NFT’ wins over ‘Crypto’ and ‘Bitcoin’ in Google search.

‘NFT’ wins over ‘Crypto’ and ‘Bitcoin’ in Google search.

Troy Warren for CNT #NFT

The excitement around non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is one of the most noticeable events in crypto in 2021. According to Google Trends, a platform that measures the most popular search terms used by Google users,
“crypto” is no longer the most popular search term on Web3.

According to Google Trends data, for the first time ever, in mid-December 2021, ‘NFT’ exceeded ‘crypto’ in terms of the number of searches on Google for  US internet users. On Google Trends, NFTs have already exceeded Bitcoin, the crypto king, in some locations renowned for strong levels of cryptocurrency adoption (CIS, Africa, Asia Pacific).

For example, three months ago, NFTs surpassed crypto in popularity in Russia. A fresh frenzy shattered the amount of Bitcoin (BTC) searches last week. In early November, a similar “flippening” was observed in Ukraine. As of these examples, we may presumably claim that NFTs are here to take over the Web3 World. Do you agree?

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