NFT Glossary Deep Dive: List

NFT Glossary Deep Dive: List

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

In the simplest terms, to list an NFT is to submit it for sale on an NFT marketplace by making a listing.

But exactly what does this mean? Let’s get a closer look at this term from our NFT Cheatsheet.

Listings are the NFTs that are up for sale on a marketplace. If you have ever sold anything, such as an item on eBay or even advertised a garage sale in your local newspaper or put a notice about the sale on Craig’s List, you first had to list the item for sale. 

A Clear Description

That means you had to clearly describe your item so it would be clear to the prospective buyer as to what they were getting. Plus, they would also know how much you wanted for the item or, in the case of an auction site, where to start the bidding.

It’s really not much different when you list your NFT on a marketplace, such as Mintified.

And of course, we will walk you through each step so you’ll know exactly how to list your NFT on Mintified, so both you and the collector will get what you want!

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