NFT Glossary Deep Dive: Generative Art

NFT Glossary Deep Dive: Generative Art

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

We’ve been discussing a lot of different NFT terms in this Glossary Deep Dive. Today we are going to go into the various types of NFTs. One of these types of NFTs is known as generative art.

Generative art is art, that is generated by a computer algorithm or even artificial intelligence. The art itself is usually generated at the time of minting. Yes, you could create an NFT with an actual physical piece of art, such as a painting, but generative art is created by a computer.

A Random Walk In The Park

Generative art melds computer science with physics and the end result is art in the form of sound, images, or video. These art pieces have their foundation on randomized elements so that no two pieces are alike. Collectors find these pieces fascinating, delightful, and many times, just plain strange!

Brave New World

Or some generative pieces, like the famous Bored Ape collection, are built by an algorithm that selects rare features randomly. The generative art field is just now taking off and there is much to explore, both by the artists themselves and the potential buyer/collector. Some artists are even delving into the code behind the NFT. It’s a brave new world!

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