Live Event Tickets Join The NFT Revolution!

Live Event Tickets Join The NFT Revolution!

Ellen Britt for CNT#NFT



Ticket sales for live events are usually separated from the artist or performer by a third party, responsible for not only distributing those tickets but keeping track of sales. Not exactly a transparent system!


But now, NFTs can create a completely transparent sales system and also generate a valuable asset by bringing value to the seat or place in a performer’s live event. The fanbase can have a direct relationship with the artist and bypass the middleman altogether.


With A Little Help From My Friends


Just think if you had a ticket stub from the iconic Woodstock Music Festival from 1969 that was an NFT, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt its authenticity? Or a ticket stub from the last game of the World Series where Atlanta defeated the Houston Astros to clinch the championship? Get the picture?


Superbowl NFTs


The NFL is beginning to experiment with NFTs when they gave out commemorative virtual NFT tickets to a select few fans who attended certain live games starting in November. The NFL is doing it again with Superbowl tickets, as every fan who bought a Superbowl ticket is also going to get an exclusive NFT version of their ticket, customized with their seat number.

The Middleman Is History!


NFT tickets can also have media embedded in them, such as access to fan clubs, exclusive merchandise, future events…anything the performer or artist wants to add. This brings a connection between the artist and the fan base that has never before been possible. The middleman is history!

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By Ellen Britt

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