Interior Designers Poised For A Beautiful Metaverse Opportunity!

Interior Designers Poised For A Beautiful Metaverse Opportunity!

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

If you are an interior designer, or you simply have a flair for decorating your home, you could soon put your skills to work in the metaverse! Think Fixer Upper, The Property Brothers or Dream Home Makeover, only in the digital realm.

A Sense Of Presence

You can think about the metaverse as a shared digital space, with different environments. You’ve likely already gotten a foreshadowing of how design can influence your online experience by the virtual backgrounds people use in Zoom. These backgrounds help to create a sense of what is known as “presence” and the metaverse is no different.

As people begin to purchase property in the metaverse, such as the soon to launch Mint City Places, and build homes, apartments, event spaces, conference rooms, commercial office spaces and more, this sense of presence is going to become even more important.

Designers Wanted!

Of course, someone will have to design these spaces. So far, this work has been left mostly to game designers or graphic artists and illustrators. But now, interior designers will have huge contributions to make. Instead of flat 2-D environments, avatars will now move around in 3-D space, and interior designers, who have the training and knowledge to think about how to facilitate this with great design will be in high demand. 

A Whole New World

In many respects, this will be quite freeing, for both the designer and the client alike, as there will be no constraints on materials. This is the beginning, literally, of a whole new world!

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By Ellen Britt

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