Hotels In The Metaverse

Hotels In The Metaverse

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Hotels as well as retreat centers, just like all businesses, have to continuously find ways to differentiate themselves. The metaverse may be just what they are looking for to do exactly that!

Picture this

Let’s say the Ritz Carlton’s luxury property in San José del Cabo overlooking the Sea of Cortez wants to give prospective visitors a taste of what a retreat experience could be like there. They build a digital twin of the property in the metaverse and then host a digital wellbeing retreat, which is heavily advertised.

Sharing Is Caring

Several thousand people log into the site and through their avatars, walk around the property and take part in the scheduled events. Because the event is so well planned, many of the attendees share their experience with their friends.

Easier Conversion

Later, a percentage of the attendees, including their friends who heard about the metaverse experience, are planning a luxury vacation trip to Mexico. If we had to guess we would say that a good number of these people would book their trip at the Ritz Carlton property.

Digital Familiarity

The vacationers already have digital familiarity with the property as well as the brand, and this means prospective visitors to their properties will be more likely to choose them. This concept of digital familiarity is going to mean big business for those businesses, big and small, who embrace it and stake their claim in the metaverse now. Hotels, retreat centers and any destination type business will greatly benefit from this strategy. 

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By Ellen Britt

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