Digital Twins For Businesses Big and Small Are On The Horizon

Digital Twins For Businesses Big and Small Are On The Horizon

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

Just like people can have a digital twin in the metaverse in the form of an avatar, businesses can also have digital twins of their physical spaces. 

Technavio, a research firm in the tech space, anticipates the digital twin marketplace to grow to nearly $25 billion by 2025, a compounded annual rate of nearly 40% since 2020.

Real-World Shopping & More

Many larger companies are already using these digital twins for their products, factory floors, and warehouse to simulate real-world shopping experiences and to help with data analysis and decisions.

Left Behind

Just like in the early days of the web, when businesses were racing to get a website, businesses and brands are going to get left behind if they don’t rapidly embrace the need for the interactive, 3-D content that a presence in the metaverse provides. 

A Blunt Reality

Stefano Corazza, who is the head of augmented reality at Adobe, put it bluntly when he told CBS News the need for this new paradigm shift in content is going to become a “total necessity for mainstream companies.”

Mint City Places To The Rescue!

And here at City News And Talk, we would argue that this adoption is going to become critical, not just for big corporations and brands, but for smaller businesses as well. With the launch of Troy Warren’s Mint City Places, those smaller businesses won’t have to worry about being left behind! 

In Other News

By Ellen Britt

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