A Digital Art Renaissance Is Here, Powered By NFTs

A Digital Art Renaissance Is Here, Powered By NFTs

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

The Renaissance, a wonderfully productive period following the Middle ages, saw an explosion in European artistic and cultural works, both in art and literature.

Today, there is another Renaissance happening, that of digital art. And NFT technology is powering this behind the scenes, enabling artists of all types to get rid of the gatekeepers. 

A Billion Dollar Business

This has spawned a billion dollar plus business that favors the creators themselves, not middlemen. NFT technology gives the artist a way not only to digitally sign the work, but to track sales as well. New platforms such as .ART server as the gathering place for a 150,000 plus community of creative people and features free website building and links to Web3 tools.

Upside Down

As a result, the art world has been turned completely upside down. Digital art has evolved from a niche collectible to an investment. According to Art Basel, an international art fair staged yeary in Basel, Switzerland; Miami Beach; Hong Kong and Paris, during the pandemic global art sales surges 9 to 25 percent. 

The Dark Ages Is Over

The Dark Ages of art for artists and collectors alike is over. The digital Renaissance is here!

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By Ellen Britt

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