10 Ways NFTs Go Beyond Digital Art

10 Ways NFTs Go Beyond Digital Art

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT



As the NFT space matures, we are certain to see more and more innovation, as NFTs move to encompass not only digital art but practical applications as well.


Earlier this year, we brought you an NFT Glossary series, where we explained in plain language some of the often obscure terms used in the NFT world. 


Our New Series


With this new series, we’ll be exploring the practical use cases of NFTs. While we’ll list them all out for you here, we’ll follow up with a series of articles taking a deeper dive into each one and what these new uses could mean for you and your life.

The Top Ten


One – Real estate transactions, both real-world and metaverse.

Two – Protection of your intellectual property and patents

Three – Supply chain transparency 

Four – Tracing artwork

Five – Medical records security 

Six – Voting and identity verification

Seven – NFT cross-platform playability

Eight – Authenticating the products you purchase

Nine – Verification of academic credentials

Ten – Ticketing for events


Some of these uses are already starting to take place, and we’ll be going into each one of these individually to further explore them, so stay tuned! 

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By Ellen Britt

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