10 Ways NFTs Go Beyond Digital Art – Ticketing

10 Ways NFTs Go Beyond Digital Art – Ticketing

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

In our previous article in this series on NFT uses, we took a look at how NFTs could help with academic credentials verification. Today, we are examining our final topic in the sequence, ticketing.


NFTs have come into the ticketing space already, but are being used indirectly, as when the holders of this year’s Superbowl tickets received an NFT with their seat number immortalized in the blockchain. 


Paper Tickets No More!

Soon, NFTs are set to replace tickets entirely. Parking passes at an airport or stadium, for example, can be replaced with a unique ID. You then use the ID for validation when entering the area. 


These types of uses will cut down on fraud and also greatly reduce paper usage. As the NFT owner, all you will need is one token and your payment verification can occur over multiple venues. 


That’s A Wrap!

So this about wraps it up for our series on usages for NFTs that go way beyond digital art. Undoubtedly, new use cases will continuously evolve and we’ll be right here to explore them with you!

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By Ellen Britt

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