10 Ways NFTs Go Beyond Digital Art – Medical Records Security

10 Ways NFTs Go Beyond Digital Art - Medical Records Security

Ellen Britt for CNT #NFT

In yesterday’s article in this series, we saw how NFTs can help to track art ownership. Today, we’ll take a look at number five on our list, medical records security.


Because an NFT ledger can store records without risking a compromise in confidentiality or hacking from the outside, this technology is perfect for individual medical records.


Oh, Baby!!


There have already been NFT apps for healthcare, for example, NFT birth certificates for newborns. This is so valuable because it creates a lifelong identity that is absolutely linked to their birth certificate on the blockchain and which can be verified with an NFT app.


Medical data is extremely sensitive from a privacy standpoint and provides a much safer method of storing this data, while still allowing authorized professionals (physicians and other clinicians) when it’s necessary.


Keeping Secrets


Some companies have been exploring how NFTs and blockchain technology can help to improve healthcare organizations’ (think hospitals, insurance companies, etc.) operations without giving up their patients’ confidentiality. 

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By Ellen Britt

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