These 5 things can give you a high-end shower design

These 5 things can give you a high-end shower design

By Kiersten Willis, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Troy Warren for CNT

You don’t have to book a hotel stay to have a luxury shower experience. A few upgrades to your bathroom can give you the same experience at home.

Houzz recently published 10 tips for building a spa-like shower at home. Here are five of them.

Make shower doors a showcase

Glass shower doors can make tiles the focal point. According to Bob Villa, “frameless shower doors have played a key role in the transition from the bathroom as functional to home retreat. The best frameless shower doors bring a minimalist elegance, with either sliding or hinged configurations.”

Enhance your shower fixtures

Ceiling mounted or wall-mounted showerheads offer varying benefits. With ceiling-mounted ones, the pressure may not be as high but there’s the soothing sound of water droplets hitting your skin and the ground. Hand-held sprayers can also add to the experience, according to Houzz.

Add recessed lighting

For a modern appearance, install recessed lighting. “Look for special ‘shower trim’ with a built-in lens for use in these areas. You can use regular trims everywhere else in the bathroom,” lighting retailer Lamps Plus said on its blog.

Boost accessories

Enhance the flow of your shower by strategically placing hooks and bars for your towels and robes. According to The Spruce, towel fixtures should be placed close to each sink and bath fixture for convenience.

Make it a shower-tub combination

Increase your home’s resale value by combining your shower and tub. “Before you rip out your tub give some serious thought to the types of buyers who might be interested in buying your property down the line,” investor and TV host Scott McGillivray said on his website. “If it’s empty nesters or the elderly you’re probably ok, but if it’s more likely to be a family you need to have a tub. My advice is that you should always have at least one tub in the house.”


By Troy Warren

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