Google Identifies the Trends That Will Shape the Future of Travel

Google Identifies the Trends That Will Shape the Future of Travel

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New research from Google reveals three key trends destined to play a role in travel’s continued recovery in 2022, including a rise in “life moments” that people put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The tech giant also projects travel to become more inclusive and purposeful over the next year, revealing new data to back it up.

According to an Ipsos survey commissioned by Google, more than half (56 percent) of Americans are likely to participate in a life moment such as a wedding, a move or new job at some point in the next two years. What’s more, of that group, 78 percent are considering travel related to those moments. Travelers who have booked an accommodation or a flight for a life moment most often value affordable pricing (85 percent), the survey found, followed by flexible change and cancellation policies (78 percent) and the brand’s respect for COVID safety guidelines and restrictions (70 percent).

Interestingly, Google also found travelers who took a large trip in the past year spent an average of 71 percent of their time researching their trip online and more than half (57 percent) of those individuals used an online source to get inspiration or ideas related to their trip.

As for travel becoming more inclusive, a report from Google/Storyline Strategies reveals that travelers tend to value cultural engagement as a key factor when deciding on a destination, with 86 percent of travelers of color having traveled abroad for this reason. The research also shows that three in four travelers will seek out information specific to their cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Top sources include word of mouth, travel guide sites and social media influencers.

Citing research from Ipsos, Google also points out that environmental considerations matter to potential travelers, with more than half indicating that factors such as carbon emissions and offsets are important when considering travel. What’s more, 51 percent of travelers who stayed in accommodations or booked a flight for a life moment said sustainable/environmentally friendly options are important when deciding on a brand.

The report comes one month after Google revealed key trends and insights for marketing holiday travel.

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