6 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate with Emerald Green, 2022’s Top Color Trend

6 Gorgeous Ways to Decorate with Emerald Green, 2022's Top Color Trend

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This vibrant jewel tone is expected to explode in popularity. Use these emerald green decorating ideas to refresh your home with this year’s must-have color.

It’s no secret that green is having a moment right now. The hue dominated the list of top color picks from major paint companies, and nearly any interior designer you talk to will call out the color as one of the top trends for the coming year. But while muted shades like sage reigned supreme in 2021, this color trend will take a brighter, bolder turn for 2022.

Emerald green is the vibrant, saturated variation predicted to be big this year, and we’re already seeing it pop up across our social media feeds and favorite retailers. Etsy recently named emerald its color of the year for 2022, noting in a trend report that the jewel tone symbolizes harmony and growth as well as royalty and refinement. The report states that searches on the site for “emerald green items” and “emerald green decor” have both increased significantly in the past few months as shoppers look for ways to take up the trend. And designers are taking note, too. A recent panel survey from Sherwin-Williams, which included more than 400 professional designers, found that emerald green was the top prediction for the most on-trend color in 2022.

While most shades of green are inherently calming and reminiscent of nature, emerald in particular offers a powerful grounding effect. It’s versatile enough to pair with nearly any accent color or neutral, and when applied in large doses, it makes a bold, luxurious statement. Embrace this year’s must-have hue with these ideas for decorating with emerald green.

1. Go all in with emerald green cabinetry.

Color trends come and go, but emerald green’s appeal is timeless. If you’re ready for a bold change in your kitchen, consider this color for walls or cabinetry. In this glam emerald green kitchen, a high-gloss paint finish and shiny gold accents ensure the intense shade doesn’t overpower.

2. Establish coziness with emerald green walls.

Rooted in nature and rich in tone, emerald green is a naturally cozy color. Use it liberally in living rooms and bedrooms to invite relaxation and rest. In this room, dark emerald walls unite with natural materials including wood, leather, and rattan to underscore the color’s organic feel.

3. Design an emerald green bathroom with spa-like appeal.

Envelop your bathroom in emerald green to create a relaxing, luxurious atmosphere. Here, a wall of dazzling green tile makes this bathroom feel like a high-end spa. If installing new tile isn’t in your budget, consider repainting the walls or vanity in a lush green hue.

4. Amp up the drama with emerald green accents.

In more formal spaces, emerald green brings a sense of drama and sophistication. In this dining room, floor-to-ceiling jewel-tone drapes liven up an earthier shade on the walls. The blush ceiling and deep green tones work together to highlight the warmth of the vintage furnishings and original woodwork.

5. Contrast emerald green with bright white.

Set emerald green against bright white to highlight its brilliancy. This kitchen combines vivid emerald green cabinets with a contrasting white island and a shimmering tile backsplash. Natural light from two large windows reflects off the cabinetry’s subtle sheen, further brightening the space.

6. Accent a neutral space with emerald green decor.

Emerald green is perfect for injecting life and vibrancy into a mostly neutral space. Clad in white marble and weathered wood finishes, this bathroom already looked sophisticated and polished, but the addition of the colorful vintage rug makes it feel personalized and inviting. The deep blue-green tones energize the otherwise colorless space.

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